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Please tell us about where the original idea of the film came from?


The idea for the film came from Stavros Theodorakis, President and Managing Director Chiesi Hellas S.A who was inspired by the true story of when we came across the first person diagnosed with Alpha Mannosidosis in Greece and the obstacles they confronted regarding access to treatment. We have lived alongside the fear, anxiety and anticipation of the family and all relevant stakeholders involved. 

Our intention was to create a short movie to raise awareness around the difficulties that patients with rare diseases care givers, health care professionals, and state employees are facing and must address not only in Greece but also around the world. 


Why was the film shot in Greece in the Greek language? 


The movie was shot in Greece in Greek because we wanted to be faithful to the original story, and because we felt that the unique landscape and light would be a perfect fit to facilitate an important message in the film – the passage from darkness to light. 

The monuments of Delphi, the center of ancient Greece, and the surrounding countryside moreover offered the ideal backdrop for the story. Rare Land is not only a Greek story, it’s a universal one! 

Please talk about this disability and other disabilities that are relevant for Chiesi?  


The idea of Rare Land is an illustration of Chiesi’s vision and dedication to Rare and Ultra Rare Diseases. From research to production we are committed to reducing the impact of rare diseases on patients and families. “The patients are the beginning and the end of our journey,” states Giacomo Chiesi, Head of Global Rare Diseases.  We strongly believe that not one single person should be left behind.

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Rare Land was supported by the Ministry of Digital Governance, and partially funded by the National Centre of Audiovisual Media and Communication S.A. (EKOME), Greece.

 “The ‘Rare Land’ of disease is where people are faced with fear, anxiety and darkness, but they find a way forward towards the light.”

Stavros Theodorakis, President and Managing Director Chiesi Hellas S.A. 

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